6 Anime Like Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

The rise of MMO themed isekai anime series has started getting annoying with its same repetitive premise. Most of the recent game-inspired anime are just copying the execution without any significant changes. Anime like Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious feels like a breath of fresh air in this year filled with isekai anime. Instead of a regular fantasy adventure route, Cautious Hero takes a comedic stance on its themes and goes full meta.

Cautious Hero follows the story of Goddess Listarte, who is tasked with the responsibility of saving the world of Gairbrunde. From a list of heroes, she summons Seiya Ryuuguuin, who, for some reason, was highly skilled for his level. The reason behind his high skills is his overly cautious nature. He is so ridiculously careful that he would buy three sets of armors, one to use, one as a spare, and another one as an extra in case the spare gets used. He even uses his full strength against a week slime to be on the safe side. Follow the journey of a Cautious Hero and his goddess companion.

Cautious Hero is a series that disguises itself as an isekai anime to make fun of its tropes. And that’s not a bad thing if it’s done moderately without overdoing the comedy bits. If you are looking for good isekai comedy anime like Cautious Heror, then look no further. Here are some anime similar to Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious.

Anime Similar To Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

01. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!)

Anime Like Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

After dying pathetically from a shock, Kazuma Satou meets the beautiful goddess named Aqua on his way to the afterlife. While trying to control her laugh about Kazuma’s causes of death, she offers him two options. He can either go to heaven or reincarnate as an adventurer in a fantasy world. If he decides to reincarnate, he can request anything for his journey in the fantasy world. Angry about being a laughing stock, he chooses Aqua to be his companion.

It turns out he made a huge mistake. Aqua is a useless goddess of water with no power in the human world. And the real magical world is different from a video game, and its hard making money while killing monsters. Follow Kazuma and Aqua in their adventure as they try to make enough money for living.

02. Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu (How Not to Summon a Demon Lord)

Anime Like Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Takuma Sakamoto is the top player of MMORPG Cross Reverie and goes by the name Demon King Diablo. He posses the rarest in-game items and skills high enough that no one challenges him. But in real life, Takuma is a NEET who only cares about the virtual world and spends his day defeating other players. But one day while playing, he gets summoned into another world with his in-game character appearance.

After opening his eyes in a new world, he gets greeted by an elf and a catgirl in shackles. They tried performing enslavement magic on Sakamoto, but due to his rare magic item, the spell got reversed. After learning the reason behind his summoning, Sakamoto decides to help them while trying to keep things less awkward.

03. Hataraku Maou-sama! (The Devil is a Part-Timer!)

Anime Like Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Demon Lord Satan begins his quest to conquer the land of Ente Isla with his massive army of demons. But he receives resistance from the hero Emilia and gets forced to retreat through a dimensional portal with his loyal general Alsiel. But the demon lord was not ready to get stranded in modern Tokyo where his magic is really weak.

Powerless Satan disguises himself as a human named Sadao Maou and starts working at McRonald, a local fast-food restaurant. While working, Satan realizes that climbing the corporate ladder feels much better than conquering Ente Isla. Follow Satan adapting to his new part-time job while living in a single room apartment.

04. Outbreak Company

Anime Like Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Shinichi Kanou is an otaku who applies for a job to change his lifestyle. One day he gets kidnapped and finds himself in a fantasy land of Eldant Empire, home to elves, dragons, and dwarves. There he learns that the Japanese government has tasked him to spread the love of anime and manga in this strange new world.

To complete the job, he has full support from the Japanese government and the princess of the Eldant Empire. He gets accompanied by a half-elf maid in his quest to promote otaku culture while overcoming politics and ethnic discrimination.

05. Ixion Saga DT

Anime Like Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

While playing MMORPG, Kon Hokaze receives a request from a female player of the game. While feeling lucky about his chance to finally get an online girlfriend, Kon accepts the invitation without overthinking. But the moment he clicks the button, he finds himself transported to a world where he accidentally saves a princess by defeating an attacker due to his revolving chair.

In a chain of events, Kon becomes the part of the princess’s honor guard. He is now tasked with protecting the princess from her own country’s military faction who is trying to destroy her arranged marriage. With no idea about this new world or how he got there, Kon accepts the job.

06. Hataage! Kemono Michi (Kemono Michi: Rise Up)

Anime Like Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Shibata Genzo is a professional wrestler who goes by the name Animal Mask in the boxing world. During his final match for the title of world champion, he suddenly gets transported to a fantasy world where the princess and royal priest greet him. The princess reveals that the reason for summoning him is to kill all the evil beast and defeat the demon lord. He immediately refuses her and knocks her out with German suplex.

Genzo is an animal lover and doesn’t tolerate any bad thing about animals. His dream was to open a pet shop and is still ready to make his dream real even if the animals happen to be evil beasts. Genzo saves a wolf girl named Shigure and joins the local guild along with her to find the monstrous creatures for his dream pet shop.

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