About Us

Hello Anime Fans! We know you have been scouring the internet looking for a certified Anime bible, where you can get all of the hottest anime news, opinions and reviews. Well, the good news is that the search is over. You are finally here, Gojinshi, the home of Anime. We are a dedicated anime platform that focuses on providing a holistic anime experience, which translates to a website that caters to all types of anime fans.

If you are a complete Weeb and love nothing more than watching chapter after chapter of your favourite anime, and then comparing it against the manga for differences and commonalities, then you will love the detail and the cutting edge analysis that we can provide. Then equally, if you are an anime virgin that is looking to dip your toe into the whimsical world of anime, we here at Gojinshi provide an accessible library of content that shows you where to start, offers analysis on the best animes out there, and we also break down the stories and plots so that you can follow along with the often convoluted plots and catch up with the Anime veterans.

In short, we love anime just as much as you, and through our expert analysis and content, we intend to prove it to you. So stick around for a while, absorb some of the content and get involved with the Gojinshi community. Anime is your passion and bringing you great anime content is ours!

Our Goal

Our goal as we mentioned above is to offer a holistic anime experience on-site. We here at Gojinshi believe that anime is for everyone, and we will certainly not be the ones to gatekeep any of our lovely content. Our primary goal is to offer content that offers enough accessible information that complete anime newbies can get something out of every article we write, but we also only recruit specialist experts in the field of anime to contribute to our library of content, and as such, we jam-pack each article with nuance and detailed analysis so that even the most attuned anime fan might learn a thing or two from us. So in short, our goal here is inclusivity and producing content that we can be proud of. 

What We Offer

We offer a rather large variety of content and article types here. We try to keep things fresh, follow hot trends, do things that are a little outside of the box, and, if you stick around for long enough you’ll find that we aren’t shy about expressing our opinions either. Everyone loves a hot-take, right? Here are some of the most common things that you will find here at Gojinshi:

  • Opinion Pieces
  • Top Tens
  • Listicles
  • Character Guides
  • Plot Guides
  • Comparison Guides
  • Interviews 
  • Reviews

Our Process

When putting together content we have a three-step process to ensure that everything is of the highest standard. Firstly, we have curated one of the most incredible writing teams out there. We have brought together some of the most tenured and knowledgeable anime writers within the industry and we have given them the platform to express their opinions, show their expertise and knowledge in their specialist areas and through doing this, our raw content is the best around.

Then we sent it over to the editing team who polish things up, refine the tone, the structure and fact check the content to ensure it is fit for anime fan consumption, Then finally, we sent it over to the formatting team that make things look pristine, get the flow of the article perfect and then Boom! You have a fresh new article ready for your viewing pleasure. 

Our Core Values 

Here are the core values that we always aim to uphold here at Gojinshi: 

  • Accuracy
  • Creativity
  • Dedication
  • Passion 
  • Professionalism 

Our Team

Then lastly, we have to introduce you to our team here at Gojinshi. We have curated a team of super anime nerds that have watched thousands upon thousands of hours of content have tonnes of opinions on their favourite shows, and they love nothing more than putting pen to paper and publishing amazing work, which in turn, you lovely fans get to enjoy. So now it’s time to peek behind the curtain. Here is the team here at Gojinshi: