6 Anime Like Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai)

Everyone loves a well put together comedy anime which has some ecchi elements in it. Ecchi comedy anime are hit or miss, sometimes you like it for jokes and sometimes for ecchi scenes. Anime like Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai) is a good example of anime which uses ecchi and comedy effectively. And every anime fan needs one such goofy and silly anime to blow off some steam.

Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai) follows the story of an unnamed main character who finds out that in his school it’s mandatory to join a club. While looking for a club, he stumbles upon Tejina-senpai practicing magic tricks in her clubroom. He discovers that Tejina-senpai has stage fright and is never able to perform magic tricks properly. On their second meet Tejina-senpai forces MC as her assistant. From here their comedic gag begins, as Tejina-senpai fails in every magic trick she tries.

As I mentioned above that ecchi anime are not always good plot-wise, as they are only famous for the risque scenes. But not every ecchi anime is like that as there are some which use comedy to balance it out. So here some good ecchi comedy anime similar to Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai).

Anime Similar To Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai):

01. Aho Girl

Anime Like Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai)

Aho Girl features a main female character who is an idiot and has no clue about common sense. Her neighbor and classmate A-kun has to always take care of her shenanigans.

02. Ueno-san wa Bukiyou (How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno.)

Anime Like Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai)

Ueno-san wa Bukiyou has a clumsy female main character who is part of a science club. She loves the concept of falling in love and always try to impress her junior by showing off her new inventions.

03. D-Frag!

Anime Like Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai)

D-Frag also features a school club with eccentric members. Just to save his life, the main character decides to join the game development club. As he desperately tries to leave the club, he also realizes how much he is enjoying it.

04. Seitokai Yakuindomo

Anime Like Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai)

Seitokai Yakuindomo follows a student council of a recently turned coed private academy. As all members of the council are females, the male main character joins in as vice president. The series is filled with sexual innuendo and lewd jokes made by the female characters.

05. Kill Me Baby

Anime Like Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai)

Kill Me Baby has two main female characters, an airhead, and a highly trained assassin. The anime is about the two characters always getting into quirky and absurd situations because of their personality.

06. Plastic Neesan

Anime Like Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai)

Plastic Neesan is about a high school model club dedicated to building plastic models of cars, boats, and even robots. While the three members of the club always try to carry out their club activities, they often get sidetracked by a myriad of distractions.

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What do you think about our list? Did we miss any of your favorite ecchi anime? Do you know any anime similar to Tejina-senpai (Magical Sempai)? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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