Maou-sama, Retry! Anime Reveals New Character Designs And Voice Cast

On Monday, the official website for the anime adaptation of Kurone Kanzaki’s Maou-sama, Retry! (Dark Lord, Retry!) light novel series revealed the second key visual, additional character designs, voice cast members and theme songs. The series will premiere in Japan at the beginning of July 2019 on Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, and other stations.

Second Key Visual

The second key visual features Hakuto Kunai, the Maou-sama with the Three Saints: Luna Elegant, Killer Queen, Angel White and Kirino, Aku on a flower bed.

Maou-sama, Retry! (Dark Lord, Retry!)

New Character Designs And Cast Members

Haruka Tomatsu voices Killer Queen

Aki Toyosaki voices Angel White

Rina Satou voices Yū Kirino

Theme Songs

Kaori Ishihara is performing the opening theme song titled “Tempest,” and Haruka Tōjō is performing the ending theme song titled “New.”

Teaser Trailer


Oono Akira, a working adult that can be found anywhere, was transported to a different world while logged into a character known as the “Demon Lord” in a game he manages. There, he meets a girl with a disabled leg and they begin to travel together, but there’s no way that others will leave a “demon lord” with such overwhelming strengths alone. While being targeted by countries and saints that are trying to subdue the demon lord, they cause turmoil wherever they go.

Demon lord on the outside, normal person on the inside, a misunderstanding type fantasy! 


Hiroshi Kimura is directing the series at studio EKACHI EPILKA with Ōka Tanisaki writing the script. Chiyo Nakayama is in charge of character designs for animation.

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Maou-sama, Retry! Anime Reveals New Character Designs And Voice Cast

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