6 Anime Like Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Anime like Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) fulfils every shounen anime fan’s requirements. The anime has a universe filled with humans as well as talking pigs, giants, fairies, immortals, holy knights, etc. The moment you watch the first episode, you would end up binge-watching the entire first season. In the beginning, you might have been a little disappointed that characters have little to nothing to do with the actual sins they are named after. But that doesn’t change the fact that the series is quite enjoyable to watch with its exceptionally well animation when it comes to fighting scenes. The characters are well thought out, along with their personality and fighting skills.

Synopsis: The Seven Deadly Sins are the feared warriors of Britannia who were sent to exile after being accused of trying to overthrow the monarchy. Ten years after their departure, the Holy Knights staged a coup and successfully became the new rulers of the kingdom. But luckily, Liones’s third princess Elizabeth Liones manages to escape and sets on a journey to seek help from the sins to reclaim the throne. The first sin she meets is Meliodas, an innkeeper who, at first glance, doesn’t look that strong — making Elizabeth wonder whether the legends about The Seven Deadly Sins are even real?

Producing a shounen anime is tricky as sometimes the series has to compromise on the story to focus on character powerups and skills. But anime like Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) focuses on both the things equally with its appealing storyline while following the basic shounen anime guidelines. The characters have a decent backstory to connect with fans with not so over the top personality. Fans of actions genre can always count on Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) when it comes to fighting and battle scenes.

If you are looking for shounen anime which has loads of fight scenes and a solid storyline, then look no further. Here are anime similar to Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Anime Similar To Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

01. Rokka no Yuusha (Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers)

Anime Like Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

According to the ancient legends, when the demon god revives, the god of fate will choose six individuals as the Braves of the Six Flowers. It’s the destiny of Braves to defeat the demon god and protect the world from the chaos it brings along with it. Adlet Mayer arrives at the continent of Piena to become a Brave. But things don’t go as planned, and he ends up in jail.

Ultimately Adlet gets chosen as the next brave along with the crown princess Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra. When all the new braves arrive at the meeting point, they notice something is wrong, instead of six there are now seven braves. It means one of them is a fraud and everyone suspect Adlet as the fake brave. Now Adlet has to prove himself while avoiding deadly attacks from the fellow braves.

02. Akame ga Kill!

Anime Like Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Tatsumi is a naive swordsman who sets on a journey to earn money for his poverty-stricken village. After arriving at the capital, Tatsumi witnessed the unimaginable corruption first hand and was on the verge of becoming a victim of it himself. The nation is drowning in poverty due to inexperienced child emperor controlled by Prime Minister Honest.

The Revolutionary Army is preparing to overthrow the current ruler and is ready to take any action even if its involves countless death. Tatsumi joins Night Raid, the assassination branch of the Revolutionary Army to help the nation get free from this tyrannical ruler.

03. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Anime Like Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

There are mysterious labyrinths scattered all over the world which are said to be created by powerful magicians called Magi. The conquerer of the labyrinth receives incredible treasures and power of Djinn. Djinns are supernatural beings which can grant immense power and choose the potential king to rule all over the world.

Aladdin is a young Magi who after spending his time learning with his mentor Ugo decides to see the outside world. In a fate of event, Aladdin meets Alibaba Saluja after destroying a merchants supply cart. To payback the damage, Alibaba suggests Aladdin of conquering the nearest labyrinth. Their first step in this adventure is going to change the fate of the entire world.

04. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Anime Like Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Young Edward and Alphonse Elric tried to revive thier dead mother using the forbidden alchemy of human transmutation. But the brothers forget the Law of Equivalent Exchange of alchemy. For something to be obtained, something of equal value must be lost. They experience it the hard way when Alphonse loses his body, forcing Edward to bind Alphonso’s soul to metal armour by sacrificing his hand.

Soon the news about two little brothers performing alchemy spreads throughout the country. Colonel Roy Mustang invites Edward to become a State Alchemist so he can research a way to restore Alphonso’s body. After spending three years, Edward learns about the fabled philosopher’s stone. It has the power to bend the alchemy rules. When Edward starts digging deep into this mysterious legend, he discovers something dark lurking in shadows which can forever change the world of alchemy.

05. Black Clover

Anime Like Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Asta and Yuno are orphans who grew up hearing the stories of Wizard King, a title given to the strongest mage in the kingdom. They both promise each other to claim the title of the Wizard King. But in a world where magic is everything, Yuno displays precise control over magic while Asta shows no signs of magic at all.

At the age of fifteen, Yuno receives the famous Grimoire with a four-leaf clover and Asta receives nothing. While on their way back, Yuno gets attacked for his Grimoire. As Asta tries to save Yuno, he gets brutally defeated. On the brink of losing hope, Asta summons a pitch-black Grimoire. Through the Grimoire, he wields a black sword and saves Yuno. Few days after, they both head to the capital to take the Magic Knights exam and take the next step towards their dream.

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06. Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

Anime Like Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Princess Yona lived a luxurious life inside the royal castle while being protected by her childhood friend and bodyguard Hak. On her sixteenth birthday, her crush Su-Won came to visit her. And the same day she witnesses Su-Won killing her father has he reveals his plan of staging a coup. As Yuno attempts to runway from Su-Won’s guard, Hak intervenes and manages to escape with Yuno safely.

While being sheltered inside the castle, Yona believed that her kingdom was a peaceful place with no problem. But soon her delusion fades out when she sees the Kingdom of Kouka be in a state of poverty and corrupted to ground. Will Yona be able to reclaim the throne after seeing the reality?

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