6 Anime Like Val x Love

Anime like Val x Love is one of those series which tries to be the most borderline hentai anime with enough censorship to atleast air on TV. The end goal of Hoods Entertainment which is producing Val x Love is to get the attention of ecchi fans to sell the uncensored Blu-rays and increase the manga sale probably. And the studio is also quite experienced in the ecchi genre with its other popular ecchi anime like Manyuu Hikenchou. If you are a fan of extreme fan service with no stone unturned, then Val x Love is a pretty decent choice.

Synopsis: Since he was a child, Akutsu Takuma was always feared by others for having a scary face. After getting regularly shunned by classmates, Akutsu developed a social phobia, which resulted in even more loneliness. Akutsu has accepted his fate and finds solace in studying to fulfil his promise to his mother. But it seems like life has decided something else for Akutsu when he saves god Odin’s Valkyrie from a demon attack. Love can make a Valkyrie even stronger. Odin has chosen Akutsu has the husband to all the nine Valkyries to save the world.

The basic concept of Val x Love follows female characters getting powerful after some extreme skinship with the male character. If you are looking for ecchi anime which utilizes fan service during character powerups, then look no further. Here are anime similar to Val x Love.

Anime Similar To Val x Love

01. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Anime Like Val x Love

Mamori Tokonome is a high school student who always gets teased for having a surname which can also read as a virgin. One day during a gym class she gets kidnapped and wakes up on an island with another girl named Mirei Shikishima. While finding their whereabouts, the two of them get attacked by a pair of girl.

After being cornered, Mirei takes the lead and kisses Mamori, turning her into battle-ready cutlass. This unfortunate encounter reveals the secret of this unknown place called Mermaid Island. The inhabitants of the island have powers to turn into weapons after a passionate kiss. Now Mirei and Mamori are forced to fight every enemy they encounter to ensure their safety.

02. Masou Gakuen HxH (Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia)

Anime Like Val x Love

Earth is under attack from invaders coming from another universe through portals. Humanity is forced to live on giant floating structures and their only weapon against these unknown beings are Heart Hybrid Gear (HHG). Hida Kizuna is a teenager who posses HHG but its not strong enough for the battle purpose.

Kizuna’s older sister calls him to transfer to a strategic defence school where he can train his HHG. While his fighting ability are no good against the invaders, his older sister has something else planned for him. She plans to use Kizuna’s HHG to power up other girls through the means of sensual experiences.

03. Hundred

Anime Like Val x Love

Extraterrestrial organisms called Savage are attacking the earth. And humankind’s only powerful weapon to fight against these enemies is technology known as Hundred. Hayato Kisaragi is one of the survivors after a Savage attacked his city. And luckily he is one of the few teenagers who are compatible with the Hundred technology.

He gets invited to a prestigious military academy to complete his training. During his intense training for future battles, he immediately becomes the centre of attention among multiple female students. It even leads to several events where he gets the first-hand experience a fight against the Savage.

04. IS: Infinite Stratos

Anime Like Val x Love

Infinite Stratos (IS) are exoskeleton weapons which can only be operated by a woman. The combat ability and power of an IS is so tremendous that the world government has banned its use for military purpose. Ichika Orimura is a teenager and the only male capable of operating an IS.

He got forced into joining the all-female Infinite Stratos Academy to become an IS pilot. The positive side of this developement led him to meet his childhood friends Houki Shinonono and Lingyin Huang. While being the only male in school got him into many problems, but more dangerous events are still waiting for him till he finishes his pilot course.

05. High School DxD

Anime Like Val x Love

Issei Hyoudou is a hardcore pervert who only dreams about peeping on a woman and someday building his harem. One day while returning home, a girl confesses to him and asks him out on a date. While the date went on pretty lovely but it took a sudden turn towards the end when the girl revealed herself to be a fallen angel and proceeds to kill Issei brutally.

While taking his finals breath, Rias Gremory a beautifully senior from his school appears in front of him. She revives him as a devil and makes him a servant for the Gremory family. This sudden change of events leads to Issei learning about his powers as a red dragon emperor. Issei now must train and learn the secrets of angels and devils while protecting his new master Rias Gremory.

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06. Shinmai Maou no Testament (The Testament of Sister New Devil)

Anime Like Val x Love

One day Basara Toujou’s father introduces two beautiful girls as his new stepsiblings. With no point to argue, Basara accepts Mio and Maria Naruse as his new sisters. But soon the sisters reveal their true identity with Mio being the only daughter of former Demon Lord and Maria as her trusted succubus servant.

Basara had to also reveal himself as a hero from a clan which fights against demons. However, instead of fighting his new sisters, he decides to protect them after learning their reason behind leaving the demon world. But what awaits for Basara is soon going to change both the worlds as Basara confronts his dark secret.

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