6 Anime Like High School DxD

High School DxD is considered one of the best ecchi anime of all time. But what makes anime like High School DxD unique in a pool of ecchi anime that comes out every season? Well, that depends on how much fan service you appreciate. And how an anime utilizes it along with other elements like action and comedy. High School DxD has its fair share of overusing fanservice at certain scenes, but at the same time, it feels natural instead of obnoxious. High School DxD pairs the ecchi parts perfectly with fight scenes. Even the characters in this series embrace the fan service making it more enjoyable for fans, unlike other anime.

Synopsis: Issei Hyoudou is an average high school student who only thinks about perverted things. One day out of nowhere, a beautiful girl asks Issei out on a date. While it felt like things were changing for Issei, the girl ended up brutally killing him at the end of the date. It turns out that the girl is a fallen angel, and Issei possesses a power that could be a threat to her kind. While taking his last breath, a girl with red hair appears in front of him and revives him as her servant. The girl was Rias Gremory, a top-class devil who recruits Issei as her new servant. Now life has changed for Issei has he starts discovering the world of angels and devils.

There are so many anime with an absurd amount of fan service, but nothing comes close to anime like High School DxD. The series has a clever plot and a decent amount of action-comedy. But the best part is the perfect balance of character development, which is hard to find for series in the ecchi genre. If you are looking for good ecchi action anime, then look no further. Here are anime similar to High School DxD.

Anime Similar To High School DxD

01. Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. (So, I Can’t Play H!)

Anime Like High School DxD

Ryosuke Kaga is a high school student who openly admits his perverted fantasies. One day outside his house, a girl with long red hair was standing in the middle of heavy rain. The girl introduces herself as Lisara Restole, a Goddess of Death and asks Ryosuke for help. But Ryosuke learns his lesson when helping out a stranger. Instead of seeking someone’s life like a normal shinigami, Lisara absorbs a human’s lecherous spirit. Now Ryosuke is stuck with Lisara sucking off his perverse dreams until she completes her business in the human world.

02. Shinmai Maou no Testament (The Testament of Sister New Devil)

Anime Like High School DxD

One day suddenly out of nowhere, Basara’s father introduces two new beautiful girls as his new stepsisters. With no option to select, Basara accepts Mio and Maria into his family. But the surprise doesn’t end there when the two girls claim to be demons seeking shelter, Basara also reveals himself as a member of a clan which fights demons. But with their new relationship as siblings, Basara instead decides to protect them with his powers.

03. Highschool of the Dead

Anime Like High School DxD

Japan was suddenly into chaos with zombies spawning out and killing anyone in sight. Takashi Kimuro, a high schooler gets forced to kill his best friend who turns into a zombie. After killing his friend, Takashi vows to protect his fallen friend’s girlfriend, Rei Miyamoto. Takashi bands with other school members to find their family members and uncover what caused this pandemic. As they narrowly escape from school filled with zombies, they face the society thrown into total mayhem.

04. Seikon no Qwaser (The Qwaser of Stigmata)

Anime Like High School DxD

A series of murder are happening at St. Mihailov Academy, with all the victim being young women. Mafuyu Oribe and Tomo Yamanobe are sisters from the same school who find an injured boy on their way home and decide to treat his injuries. The same day, Mafuyu ends up becoming the next victim of the serial killer. But luckily Sasha, the young boy comes for her rescue. He reveals himself as a Qwaser who can control chemical elements. After saving Mafuyu, the next day Sasha joins the school and starts a new chapter in the life of the two sisters.

05. Sekirei

Anime Like High School DxD

Minato Sahashi is struggling to clear his college entrance exam resulting him being depressed all the time. But it all changes when a beautiful woman with superhuman power crashes into his life. The woman introduces herself as Musubi, an extraterrestrial humanoid. Her kind is known for kissing humans with Ashikabi gene to unlock their additional power. After seeing the potential in Minato, Musubi proceeded to kiss him and bonds a contract between them. She drags him into a survival battle game called Sekirei Plan . The depressing life of Minato keeps getting more interesting as he gets into this competition.

06. Freezing

Anime Like High School DxD

Humanity is under attack from an alien race known as the Novas. The only weapon against are Nova are modified young women and man known as Pandoras and Limiters. Kazuya Aoi is Limiter who meets the most potent pandora named Satellizer el Bridget during a battle royale. Satellizer reminds Kazuya of his sister and procedes to embrace her during the match. Satellizer is known as the Untouchable Queen as she hates anyone touching her. But Kazuya’s touch doesn’t disgust her and decides to take him as her Limiter. Now Kazuya and Satellizer must partner together to ensure humanity’s chance of surviving.

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