6 Anime Like Dr. Stone

Survival anime is not a new concept. Lot’s of anime have tried thier hands on this, and the isekai genre was the clear winner among it. But anime like Dr Stone at first glance doesn’t look like the good ol isekai anime. The characters are still in the old world while at the same time exploring a whole new different world. You can agree or disagree with it, but I am going to say it. Dr Stone is infact an Isekai anime in disguise. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is way more interesting with its use of science instead of magic compared to a typical Iskeai fantasy anime.

Synopsis: After a long wait, Taiju Ooki finally gathers the courage to confess to his crush Yuzuriha Ogawa. In the middle of confession, a strange green light emerges and petrifies every human it touches. After turning into a stone statue, Taiju somehow manages to stay conscious. One day he finally breaks out of the stone and sees a world where modern civilization has turned into a vast green forest. But it turns out, Taiju was not the first to awake. His science-loving best friend Senkuu broke out of the stone shell several months ago. Now Senkuu has a grand plan to restore humanity with the help of science and Taiju. But not every revived human follows the same ideology as Senkuu, resulting in a conflict of interest. And what caused the green light and petrification is still unknown.

It’s the science paired with drama that makes anime Dr. Stone stand out in the season filled with isekai shows like Arifureta and Isekai Cheat Magician. The show is the perfect example of how to teach science to students who don’t show any internet in it. And pair it with some decent humor, and you get a world-class science for dummies series.

If you are looking for anime like Dr. Stone which uses lots of real-world science or survival concepts to progress the main storyline, then look no further. Here are some anime similar to Dr. Stone.

Anime Similar To Dr. Stone

01. 7 Seeds

Anime Like Dr. Stone

The government had detected a giant meteorite coming towards earth to collide in the immediate future. To ensure that humanity doesn’t get extinct, a project named “7 Seeds” is set into action. The plan involves a five-set of carefully selected seven young men and women placed into cryogenic sleep. Soon the meteorite collides which wipes out every living being on earth. Now the only humans on earth are the members of 7 Seeds who now have to survive in a world where new species of giants insects and dinosaurs exist. But its not easy even for the selected individual as they bear the loss of their loved ones.

02. Kanata no Astra (Astra Lost in Space)

Anime Like Dr. Stone

Its the year 2063 and space travel is no longer a sci-fi dream. Aries Spring is going on a camping trip at distant plant McPa. While at the spaceport a thief snatches her purse but luckily Kanata Hoshijima retrieves it for her. It turns out Kanata is in the same group as her for the camping trip. When they arrive at the campsite, a strange black sphere sucks the group and transports them to outer space. They find themselves near an abandon ship and learn that they are thousands of light-years away from home with no means to return. Now the group of teenagers have to manage their resources cautiously while remaining strong as they drift in the darkness of space.

03. Mujin Wakusei Survive (Uninhabited Planet Survive!)

Anime Like Dr. Stone

Space travel and planet colonization are now an everyday thing. Earth is no longer habitable, forcing humankind to set up colonies on the surrounding planets. During a school field trip, a group of seven teenagers get thrown into a gravity storm due to an accident. The group crash lands onto an uninhabited planet. The group consists of Luna, Chako, Kaoru, Howard, Sharla, Bell, Menori, Shingo and Luna’s robot cat Chako. As they start scavenging the planet for resources to survive, they start questing themselves if the planet is really uninhabited?

04. Sounan Desu ka? (Are You Lost?)

Anime Like Dr. Stone

Homare Onishima, Shion Kujou, Asuka Suzumori, and Mutsu Amatan get stranded on a deserted island when the school trip goes horribly wrong. While the other girl starts panicking, Homare remains strangely calm. Homare reveals that this is not her first time getting lost in the wild. She has spent her childhood in training with her father as a survivalist all over the world. She knows everything to know about survival which ranges from building shelters to eating moose testicles for valuable nutritions. But it’s not looking good for the other three girls as its thier first time. Now the group follows the lead of Homare as she teaches them the skills and techniques required to survive in the wild.

05. Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon)

Anime Like Dr. Stone

Yuugo Hachiken is done with competing in the rat race to please his parent’s expectations. He decides to join the Ooezo Agricultural High School, which has boarding school to escape from the stress and pressure. At first glance, it felt easy for him to get use to the country lifestyle, but it was all proven wrong. The students at Ooezo belong to the different families of farmers and know everything about vegetables, animals and food. It turns out Hachiken is a complete amateur when it comes to strenuous labor at a farm or handling livestock. But its not all bad, as Hachiken gets to learn how a simple daily food like pizza requires so much effort that he soon starts appreciating it more.

06. Hataraku Saibou (Cells at Work!)

Anime Like Dr. Stone

Do you know that there are 37.2 trillion cells inside a human body which work 24/7 every single day without any break? The story follows one such blood cell, which is just out of training and is ready to deliver some oxygen through the body. But it’s not easy as the human body is always under constant attacks from foreign bacteria. Luckily White Blood Cell comes at rescue every time. In the other part of the body, cute little platelets are always under construction as they repair broken parts. Check out the everyday life of different type of cells found inside a human and thier daily lives as they work together to keep the body healthy.

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