Is Escanor The Lion Sin of Pride Dead In The Seven Deadly Sins?

Escanor is the Seven Deadly Sins’ Lion Sin of Pride, also known as “The Strongest Holy Knight.” He possesses a Sacred Treasure called the Divine Axe Rhitta. He also has an inherent power known as Sunshine. Although Escanor had a late introduction in the series, he instantly became one of the fan-favorites.

While his character has shown to act arrogant quite a lot, but that’s just because he truly is strong enough to deserve to act in that manner. Escanor is one of the strongest people with a prideful personality backed by his genuine skill and competence. However, the recent event in the series had fans both “surprise” and “sad” of Escanor’s death in his fight against the Demon King.

Note: The article contains spoilers. Read with caution.

Is Escanor Dead?

Is Escanor Dead?

With the Seven Deadly Sins manga finally over and as shown in the last chapter, everyone has moved forward into the future with their own life, except Escanor, who gave his life during the battle with the Demon King, and disintegrated himself by using the last bit of his life energy. So, yes, Escanor had died in the series.

How Did Escanor Die?

How Did Escanor Die?

In the fight against the Demon King, Escanor is forced to use his own life force and turn it into magical power to maintain his ultimate form of “The One.” However, using his powers to the fullest results in his body burned to the point that it starts to crumble. Even after the battle with the Demon King was over, Escanor’s ablaze body continued to burn until it completely turned him into ash.

What was Escanor’s Last Poem Before He Died?

What was Escanor's Last Poem Before He Died?

Escanor has a dual personality that contrasts between morning and night. While Escanor in his morning form is prideful and arrogant, he is very timid, diligent, and polite and has a habit of writing poetry in his night form. In his final moments, he gave his last farewell to all the Sins and recited a poem for the love of his life one last time.

Escanor’s last poem before he died was: “The finest of wines, able to lull the heart into the sweetest intoxication… that is your lonely love. Regrettably, I wasn’t able to become the glass that could hold it. But if you could grant me one wish, god… it would be for a glass able to hold that love… to one day appear….”

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