Black Clover Gift Ideas For The Anime Fan In Your Life

Looking for some gift ideas related to Black Clover series. Is the gift a birthday present or valentine day surprise? Honestly, any Black Clover fan would cry tears of joy if they receive anything that features Asta or The Black Bulls.

Who is Asta and what’re The Black Bulls you might be wondering? Well, Asta is the main character of the series and is popular among fans for his strong determination. The Black Bulls is the magic knight squad which welcomed Asta to join their team.

These are the main elements in the series along with other characters like Asta’s brother Yuno. Aswell Asta’s main weapons, which are four anti-magic swords and obviously his grimoire which has five-leaf clover.

Still not sure? No problem, as this article will be your go-to guide for Black Clover gift ideas.

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10 Gift Ideas For Black Clover Fans

Black Clover: Quartet Knights

Black Clover Gift Ideas - Black Clover: Quartet Knights

Most anime fans’ other interests are usually video games. The Black Clover series also has a third-person magical shooting game titled Black Clover: Quartet Knights. The game allows you to plays as any one of your favorite characters from the series.

The game is available for PlayStation 4 and PC. I would recommend a physical copy of the PS4 version which you can get on Amazon.

Black Bulls Emblem Key Chain

Black Clover Gift Ideas - Black Bulls Emblem Key Chain

A key chain is always a nice gift as its small and compact. It stays in the pocket most of the time and whenever it’s taken out you would be remembered every time. it’s a good memory item and The Black Bulls emblem is the main plus point of the key chain.

Black Bulls Emblem Bifold Wallet

Black Clover Gift Ideas - Black Bulls Emblem Bifold Wallet

Here’s another memory item which also most of the time stays in the pocket. The wallet has the Black Bull’s emblem on it in golden color. The emblem is very detailed and not some cheap paint. The material of the wallet also looks and feels good.

Black Bull Asta Lanyard

Black Clover Gift Ideas - Black Bull Asta Lanyard

Lanyards are the best way to display your Fandom if you have a really cool boss or if your office policies allow you to embrace your hobbies. This Black Clover Lanyard is officially licensed merchandise made by Great Eastern Entertainment. It has Asta’s picture on the strap along with the Black Bull emblem on the hook.

Black Clover Manga

Black Clover Gift Ideas - Black Clover Manga

Every anime fan is bound to read the source material of their favorite show. In this case, the Black Clover anime was adapted from popular manga series by Yuki Tabata. The first ten volumes of Black Clover manga are the perfect gift for the hardcore fan.

Black Clover Ankle Socks

Black Clover Gift Ideas - Black Clover Ankle Socks

Socks are an excellent gift for any occasion because they’re comfortable and everyone wears them. These two pair of Black Clover themed socks are officially licensed apparel. The socks are made out of polyester and spandex material for comfort and durability.

Black Clover Watercolor Poster

Black Clover Gift Ideas -

Here’s something for your room. Wall posters and scrolls are must if you want to decorate your room and proudly display your nerdiness. The set of three watercolor posters features Asta, Noelle, and Yuno the main characters from the series.

Black Bull Magic Knight’s Robe

Black Bull Magic Knight's Robe

You can never go wrong with gifting someone a costume accessory from their favorite anime. A robe with the squad emblem is the official uniform of the magic knights in the anime. The Black Bull’s robe is must if the person you are gifting this is into cosplay.

Asta’s Black Bull Headband

Asta's Black Bull Headband

Here’s another part of Asta’s uniform. Asta wears a bandana type headband to keep his hair together. The headband has the Black Bulls emblem on the left side. It’s an officially licensed merchandise. The headband is good for daily use and great for cosplay.

Black Clover T-Shirt

Black Clover T-Shirt

And last but not least a Black Clover T-Shirt. The tee features one of Asta’s weapons which is the demon slayer anti-magic sword with the black clover grimoire.

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Now that you have learned about what’s the best gift for Black Clover fan. It is time to order and wait for the other person’s reaction. Let us know in the comment section if we missed any Black Clover related gift ideas.

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