Saiyuuki Watch Order Guide

Anime series with huge casts and diverse environments steadily changing and getting bigger and more extravagant are always known to be the best Shounen fantasy. Saiyuki is one such anime that benefits from this classic setting. It’s a smart, engaging adventure anime that uses its plot to develop characters who start simple and grow far more complex.

Saiyuki is a straightforward yet fascinating shounen series that easily sits on the shelf with other shounen anime about ragtag crew adventure who gets caught up in the conflicts of the supernatural world. Saiyuki has a visual art that is very delightful to look at and a narrative that presents as much of its world as possible.

For the fan of shounen adventures, Saiyuki is a promising fantasy epic. If you are planning to watch Saiyuki, watch it according to this order.

Saiyuuki Watch Order:

01. Gensoumaden Saiyuuki

Gensoumaden Saiyuuki

Alternate Title: Saiyuki
Episodes: 50
Buy/Stream On: HIDIVE, VRV

02. Gensoumaden Saiyuuki OVA

Gensoumaden Saiyuuki OVA

Alternate Title: Saiyuki Premium
Episodes: 2 (25 min. OVAs)
Buy/Stream On: Unknown

03. Gensoumaden Saiyuuki: Kibou no Zaika

Gensoumaden Saiyuuki: Kibou no Zaika

Alternate Title: Saiyuki Interactive
Episodes: 1 (46 min. OVA)
Buy/Stream On: Unknown

04. Gensoumaden Saiyuuki Movie: Requiem – Erabarezaru Mono e no Chinkonka

Gensoumaden Saiyuuki Movie: Requiem - Erabarezaru Mono e no Chinkonka

Alternate Title: Saiyuki: Requiem
Episodes: 1 (1 hr. 35 min. Movie)
Buy/Stream On: Unknown

05. Saiyuuki Reload

Saiyuuki Reload

Alternate Title: Saiyuki Reload
Episodes: 25
Buy/Stream On: Unknown

06. Saiyuuki Reload Gunlock

Saiyuuki Reload Gunlock

Alternate Title: Saiyuki Gunlock
Episodes: 26
Buy/Stream On: Unknown

07. Saiyuuki Reload: Burial

Saiyuuki Reload: Burial

Alternate Title: Saiyuki Reload: Burial
Episodes: 3 (33 min. OVAs)
Buy/Stream On: Unknown

08. Saiyuuki Gaiden

Saiyuuki Gaiden

Alternate Title: None
Episodes: 3 (30 min. OVA)
Buy/Stream On: Unknown

09. Saiyuuki Gaiden: Kouga no Shou

Saiyuuki Gaiden: Kouga no Shou

Alternate Title: None
Episodes: 1 (30 min. OVA)
Buy/Stream On: Unknown

10. Saiyuuki Reload Blast

Saiyuuki Reload Blast

Alternate Title: Saiyuki Reload Blast
Episodes: 12
Buy/Stream On: Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation

Saiyuuki is a supernatural adventure anime series animated by Studio Pierrot. The anime is an adaptation of a popular manga series written and drawn by Kazuya Minekura.

Synopsis: For years, humans and demons have coexisted together peacefully without any conflicts. But that peace is soon collapsed when demons suddenly started attacking humans and planned on freeing an evil demon called Gyumao that has been imprisoned for thousands of years.

A priest named Genjo Sanzo sets out on a journey to stop the demon’s evil plan of resurrection. His companions are three demon warriors Sha Gojyo, Son Goku, and Cho Hakkai. On their journey to bring harmony to the earth, many danger awaits in their adventure.

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