Love Hina Watch Order Guide

Love Hina is an anime full of heart and sweetness. It appeals to people who prefer a slice of life episodes loaded with good, silly melodrama. Love Hina presents itself as a meta anime on the school harem genre, remarking on how much the genre overblows school life and good ol’ love triangle.

Love Hina wouldn’t give that warm, fuzzy feeling you like to experience every once in a while from a slice of life anime. However, it will cater to an audience that doesn’t care much for a story as long as it delivers on the romantic moments that’ll get them giddy. Love Hina is an enduring classic, and exactly what you expect from the romance genre.

If you are planning to watch Love Hina, then watch it according to this order.

Love Hina Watch Order:

01. Love Hina

Love Hina

English Title: None
Episodes: 24
Stream/Buy On: Amazon (DVD), Funimation (DVD)

02. Love Hina: Motoko no Sentaku, Koi ka Ken… “Naku na”

Love Hina: Motoko no Sentaku, Koi ka Ken… "Naku na"

English Title: Love Hina: Motoko’s Choice Between Love or Swords: Don’t cry!
Episodes: 1
Stream/Buy On: Unknown

03. Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve

Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve

English Title: Love Hina Christmas Movie
Episodes: 1
Stream/Buy On: Amazon (DVD)

04. Love Hina Haru Special: Kimi Sakura Chiru Nakare!!

Love Hina Spring Movie

English Title: Love Hina Spring Movie
Episodes: 1
Stream/Buy On: Amazon (DVD)

05. Love Hina Again

Love Hina Again

English Title: None
Episodes: 3
Stream/Buy On: Amazon (DVD), Amazon (Blu-ray)

Love Hina is a harem slice of life anime by Studio Xebec. The anime is an adaptation of the Japanese manga series by Ken Akamatsu.

Synopsis: Keitaro Urashima is a 19-year-old young boy who, as a child, made a promise with a girl to enter Tokyo University together. However, he forgot the girl he promised and now wishes to enter university to find her. But after failing the Tokyo University exams twice, his parents kicked him out of the house.

In his time of trouble, the only place for him to turn to is his Grandmother’s old Inn, to continue his studies for Tokyo University. But then he finds out that Inn has been converted into an all-girls dormitory and all the female residents want him out. Oddly enough, Keitaro became the new dorm owner, beginning his life as the only male in an all-girls dormitory.

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