My Hero Academia: Who Is Izuku Midoriya’s Father And Where Is He?

Never seen or mentioned anime character’s parents, especially dad, are among the biggest enigmas in anime. Their disappearance is pretty common in shounen anime as it allows character development by avoiding any plotholes caused by parental overprotectiveness. But it also raises some unsettling questions that trouble our minds long throughout. Are they alive? If they do, where are they?

My Hero Academia is one such series geared towards character growth without an active fatherhood representation. While there was a previous mention of Izuku Midoriya’s father in the series start, we’ve yet to know where Izuku Midoriya’s father is and what he looks like.

Who Is Deku’s Father?

Izuku Midoriya’s father’s name is Hisashi Midoriya, referred to the Japanese word “hisashiburi,” which means “long time, no see.” The meaning of his name could also hint at his prolonged disappearance in the series.

What Does Hisashi Midoriya Look Like?

Izuku and Inko Midoriya

Most characters in My Hero Academia share physical traits similar to either of their parents. In Izuku’s case, he gets most of his features from his mother except for his messy hairstyle. So we can at least assume Hisashi to have a messy hairstyle and some likeness to Izuku’s personality.

Where Is Deku’s Father?

For now, there are no clues to the whereabouts of Hisashi Midoriya other than him working abroad since Midoriya’s childhood which was revealed in the manga’s Volume 11 Omake chapter 99.5.

What Is Deku’s Father’s Quirk?

Inko and Hisashi Midoriya's Quirks

In the first episode of season one, Izuku and his mother visit the doctor to check Izuku’s quirk. During the checkup, the doctor asks Izuku’s mother about her and Izuku’s father’s quirk. She replies that she can pull objects towards her, and Izuku’s father, Hisashi, can breathe fire, but the extent of his power hasn’t been revealed.

Is Deku’s Father Dead?

Izuku’s mother has never been seen working at any job. Kouhei Horikoshi, the manga’s author, has already teased about Hisashi’s introduction at some point in the story. Therefore we can safely assume that he’s alive and currently working abroad and soon will make an appearance.

Is Deku’s Father A Villain?

Some fan theories suggest that Izuku’s father might be a villain and may appear as an important figure later in the series. While that could be true, Hisashi appearing as a normal dad is also a valid possibility.

Is All For One Deku’s Father?

Young All For One

It’s been said that Izuku’s father is away on business and that he had a fire-breathing quirk. Which led many fans to believe that All For One could be Izuku’s father and using being abroad and his quirk as a facade. There’s been little to no hints in the story about him being Izuku’s father, but it could be true as Horikoshi has planned his appearance with some kind of relevance to the plot.

When Will Deku’s Father Be Revealed?

Deku's father would be revealed in the future Tweet Screenshot

So far, there’s been no new announcement regarding Hisashi’s appearance in the series, other than an interview with Horikoshi at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018. At the interview, when asked, “Where Deku’s father is?” He answered that “Deku’s father would be revealed in the future.” So we’ve to wait till then.

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