“Girls in Tights” Anime Is All About Stockings Reveals New Trailer

On Friday, a promotional video for the new web short anime series started streaming on the official site for the popular illustrator Yom’s “Girls in Tights”. The promotional video focuses on three high school girls named Ren Aikawa, Yua Nakabeni, and Homi Moegi in tights. PV also features Yuiko Okuzumi, the 27-year-old homeroom teacher with 20 denier tights. The anime is set to premiere on May 11.

Promotional Video


Yōko Hikasa as Yua Nakabeni, who likes 30 denier tights. (sheer)

Haruka Tomatsu as Ren Aikawa, who likes 60 denier tights. (opaque)

Aya Suzaki as Homi Moegi, who likes 110 denier tights. (thick)

Ai Kayano as Yuiko Okuzumi, who likes 20 denier tights (sheer)

This anime short is directed by Yuki Ogawa at Yokohama Animation Lab and Fumiaki Maruto is in charge of writing the series script. Yukari Hibino is handling the character designs. SHADE is composing the music. TRUSS is producing the series.

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